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A Message From Ted: 2017 Thoughts & Efficiency

I’m very confident we’ll have a good year. I base this observation on numbers. In the last two weeks I’ve heard from more than 20 people who landed. And 8 people who landed new clients due to referrals from other…

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NEAG Dinner Recap

Thanks to everyone that made it out to Francesco’s on Thursday night. The night was filled with excitement as new and veteran NEAG members shared their stories and made connections. There were some great updates, like folks that were in…

Business associates shaking hands in office

Northeast Growth Partnership Launches

  The Northeast Growth Partnership is a subgroup of NEAG created for business owners, practice leaders and senior business development professionals.   NGP’s objective is to increase B2B referral efforts with a more purposeful approach in how we help others by sharing our collective…


Interested in Joining the NGP?

The Northeast Growth Partners (NGP) is designed to enhance our B2B referral efforts. Put another way, we trying to be more purposeful in our efforts to tap into the infinite potential that exists to support each other’s growth, whenever and wherever…

Business associates shaking hands in office

New NEAG Groups Focus on Community and Growth

I’m very happy to announce that beginning this fall we are going to launch two new Northeast Executive Advisory Group initiatives. First, in order to bring awareness, mobilize calls to action and help prioritize our focus we will be launching the…


How to Use the NEAG Site to Meet your Needs

First, thanks to all of the outreach and positive feedback supporting the NEAG web site. We do want to address a few questions around joining NEAG as a new member and how to communicate on the web site. Previously, new…

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Health Innovations Group (HIG)

Some people have asked about the Health Innovations Group. So here’s alittle background. HIG focuses on strategies that enhance high quality and cost effective healthcare delivery. HIG attendees and subject matter experts include for profit and not for profit healthcare…


Don’t Overthink

While there’s certainly a place and time for well thought out strategies. Sometimes people ‘overthink’ things and fail to take action. There’s always a thousand reasons to do nothing. You don’t cure the ills of our community with grand gestures….


Introduction to the NEAG Blog

Blogs have been around for a while. When blogging initially became popular, there was likely a typical image of a blogger. Someone sitting in their pajamas all day or at a coffee shop writing about nonsense, while the rest of…

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Welcome to NEAG!

The Northeast Advisory Group (or as we refer to the community – NEAG) formed like so many great ideas. Yes, we formed NEAG after a couple of cocktails on the back of a napkin! NEAG formed in 2004 and now…