Health Innovations Group (HIG)

Some people have asked about the Health Innovations Group. So here’s alittle background. HIG focuses on strategies that enhance high quality and cost effective healthcare delivery. HIG attendees and subject matter experts include for profit and not for profit healthcare executives, innovative and entrepreneurial healthcare vendors, altruistic community leaders and individuals responsible for decision making, procurement and delivery of their organization’s health and welfare benefits.

There are no solicitations or sales pitches in HIG sessions. HIG runs informative and interactive quarterly meetings on the latest decision support resources that empower employers and their employees (in the role of consumer and/or patient) to more effectively manage their health and healthcare costs. For example, over the last year topics covered at quarterly HIG meetings included ‘How to Deal with Escalating Rx Costs including Specialty Meds,’ ‘The Role of Worksite Clinics versus Onsite Coaching,’ ‘Best Practices in Health & Wellness,’ ‘Referenced Based Benefits,’ ‘Challenges and Opportunities in Attracting & Retaining Providers,’ ‘ Healthcare Exchanges,’ ‘Unique Approaches to Stop Loss,’ ‘Consumer Engagement that Leads to Changes in Behavior,’ ‘Overcoming Obstacles & Access to Healthcare’ and ‘Best Practices in Employee Benefits Communications, Administration and Enrollment.”

If you would like more info on HIG feel free to contact me.

Ted Pizzo

Ted Pizzo on linkedin
Ted Pizzo
Managing Executive at Lockton
Ted Pizzo founded NEAG in 2004 to help collaboration among regional executives. Since NEAG was created, the group has blossomed to over 1,000 members and continues to grow its membership and regional footprint. Ted also works at Lockton Companies as Managing Executive where he remains committed to listening to others in order to help them achieve their stated objectives. Ted enjoys the outdoors, particularly hiking with his dog and running.

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