Looking to increase your personal or business brand? NEAG offers businesses and individuals a way to showcase their skills and services.

Member Profile
$25 per year
Get listed on our "Members" page. Requires a 500 x 500 photo and 200 character bio.
Allow fellow members to easily connect.
Sponsored Resumes
$25 per 90 days
Have your resume listed in our "Transition" section under "Resumes"
Showcase your resume and stand out from the crowd.
Sponsored Job Posting
$25 per 90 days
Post a job to all NEAG members.
Connect with talent from the job seekers in the community.
Cost TBD
Feature your brand in multiple areas of the NEAG site.
Generate exposure for your firm within the community.
Guest Blog
Be featured on the NEAG blog! We are looking for guest bloggers to blog on their expertise.
Share your knowledge and increase your exposure within the community.
There are some operational costs associated with an active community-driven web site. In order to maintain the site and ensure proper upkeep, continuous web hosting and other administrative items, there will be some nominal fees.

We are committed to providing effective ways to accomplish our mission and connect talent to opportunity. From some basic research, we feel these costs are align with the market and will provide sufficient funds to maintain and eventual expand the capabilities of the site.

Please be aware that NEAG will continue to operate in the same capacity offline. The community dinners will continue to occur free to members at the gratitude of our many sponsors. The bi-weekly calls and sub-group gatherings will continue to operate in the same capacity as well. Members will have equal access to the site, there is no premium membership or access to additional content. These items are meant to add value, reduce some of the email traffic, and to provide one place to see postings and resumes that demonstrate the collective power of the NEAG community.

As the site grows, ideally it will impact members’ online reputation through providing a professional identity when future employers and business partners conduct standard online research. It will not happen overnight, but eventually, will climb the search results rankings and shine a light on our mission and budding expert network.

If there are any questions or concerns, then please reach out and let us know.