NEAG supports all industries and encourages free forming sub groups amongst members.

Home Groups

We encourage initiation and mobilization of any of the above groups and/or establishment of other subgroups. NEAG is an action oriented group. We welcome anyone. We encourage calls to action and doers that help our community, businesses and constituents. We make progress and help each other by stepping up and selflessly helping each other. We flouirsh, grow and get results because we are nimble and fearless. Feel free, at any time to initiate, engage or arrange a function for the above groups or form a new subgroup by simply sending an email to Ted Pizzo.

Northeast Growth Partnership

For NGP Members, please find additional information on the NGP community page.

Ted Pizzo

Health Innovations Group (HIG)

Designated HIG Leader Ted Pizzo

Information Advisory Group IAG

Leaders Paul Horvath, Eileen Anderson & Alison Ebner

Nonprofit Advisory Group NAG

Leaders Paul Horvath & Ted Pizzo

Northeast Community Solutions Group

Ted Pizzo seeking Volunteers.

Northeast Healthcare Group

Marketing Advisory Group

Northeast IT

Fairchester NEAG