Charitable Causes

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60th Anniversary Car Raffle to

Dear NEAG, Please help Our Lady of Calvary’s fundraising efforts for updates to heating & cooling systems. Thank you for your support. Sincerely,Ron 677-8519

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No Excuses For Denying Your Creative Juices!

Dear NEAG, I am hope all is well and looking to share exciting creative opportunity to support Hebrew HealthCare. The cartoon editor of The New Yorker magazine is our featured speaker at our big event. Bob has shared an un-captioned…

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Jumpstart Your Non-Profit Objectives with Google Ad Grants

Looking to jumpstart your non-profit objectives and performance? Try Google. Google provides advertising grants to eligible non-profits for general AdWords usage. The Google Grants program offers eligible 501(3)(c) organizations up to $10,000 per month in free advertising on the Google…


Ascend Mentoring Needs Business Partners

Ascend Mentoring is in need of business partners for the 2015 Connecticut Neighborhood Assistance Act.  The partnership consists of the following: Ascend Mentoring is a community based non-profit that has been accepted in the program as an organization that can…

Business associates shaking hands in office

New NEAG Groups Focus on Community and Growth

I’m very happy to announce that beginning this fall we are going to launch two new Northeast Executive Advisory Group initiatives. First, in order to bring awareness, mobilize calls to action and help prioritize our focus we will be launching the…

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Change a life – Volunteer a Windsor youth

Dear NEAG, Ascend is looking to partner with individuals or organizations that are willing to be matched one-on-one with 20 young people ready to make a positive change in their lives. We are interested in individuals that can volunteer or…