Ascend Mentoring Needs Business Partners

Ascend Mentoring is in need of business partners for the 2015 Connecticut Neighborhood Assistance Act.  The partnership consists of the following:

  • Ascend Mentoring is a community based non-profit that has been accepted in the program as an organization that can receive contributions from businesses that qualify for a tax credit to that business.
  • The Connecticut Neighborhood Assistance Act (NAA) Tax Credit Program is designed to provide funding for municipal and tax exempt organizations by providing a corporation business tax credit for businesses who make cash contributions to these entities.
  • Ascend is now in its 3rd year of operations and looking to continue to serve youth and families.  With a small budget of $140k any business contribution would have a major impact on the continuation and growth of our organization.
  • These partnership would be publicized on a major scale through different media channels which will have a positive effect on the contributing organization’s public relations and reputation.
  • The NAA allows for contributions as small as $250 – $150k. 
  • Ascend Mentoring is looking for at least 5 partners that can contribute $10k or more that would go to help run programs for youth and families.  Business with higher tax obligations would benefit by giving higher contributions.
  • We are a small organization with major impact so you can be guaranteed that your money is being used to change lives and not just overhead and administrative costs.
  • For more info on what we do, please click here
  • The application to become a contributing organization is due October 1 and has been attached to this email.  The contribution can be made any time before December 31, 2015.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call Executive Director Ricardo Herrera at the number below. 

Or if you want a more personal approach talk to Ted directly as he is one of our registered mentors that has had a profound impact on one of our youth.

Ricardo A. Herrera
Executive Director
Ascend Mentoring
34 Maple Avenue
Windsor, CT  06095
(860) 219-9402
(860) 219-9348 Fax


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