How to Use the NEAG Site to Meet your Needs

First, thanks to all of the outreach and positive feedback supporting the NEAG web site. We do want to address a few questions around joining NEAG as a new member and how to communicate on the web site. Previously, new contacts have reached out directly and were added to the distribution list, along with a brief email about their background. Over time, as the community has grown, the constant emailing created a lot of traffic. We understand that many members cannot keep up with the activity, and therefore, miss a few opportunities.

To reduce the email traffic, but remain focused to our mission and connect talent to opportunity, then new members are asked to submit their information via the Contact form. The form provides the information generally requested in emails to the group.

New members will have their information posted to the web site (under the blog section). The submission acts like a cover letter. For those in transition, please view this as an opportunity to demonstrate your skills and experience, along with why you would make a great addition to any company.

The Contact form works for all NEAG related activities. Under the Purpose field, then the following options are included in the dropdown box.

The Purpose field guides NEAG members communication to the correct categories. For example, members in transition looking to provide their resume and background to the group would select Resumes. Other members can view the Resume Category and see the list of resumes, along with descriptions of their skills.


For those that are looking for networking opportunities are business leads, then the Business Networking category works in the same manner. NEAG concentrates on a few topics, therefore, please review the following categories and descriptions to ensure your submissions are organized under the correct category.

  • Resumes: Individuals in transition that want to provide their resume to the community and are seeking employment.
  • Job Opportunities: Employers that provide opportunities to the NEAG community.
  • Business Networking: Individuals looking to network with other businesses can provide information about their companies and types of businesses they are seeking to contact.
  • NEAG Member Businesses: For companies that are NEAG partners, this category allows businesses to provide updates to the community.
  • Charitable Causes: Individuals or Non-Profits looking to promote volunteer opportunities and drive awareness of their cause.
  • Health Innovations Group: Individuals or businesses involved in the group can provide or request additional information about ongoing objectives. Additional category tags will be developed for the other groups as needed.
  • Get Exposed: Individuals or businesses looking to take advantage of the Get Exposed options can provide information through this field.

The submissions will become public on the blog. With the exception of Resumes, the submissions will also be posted to social media on the NEAG Facebook and NEAG Twitter pages.

Please note that the Message section is important because it acts like the body of an email.


NEAG can only help if the community knows what other members need, so please take the time to provide a message that clarifies the request. The message acts like a cover letter, so please include the items you want people to know about you in order to advance your mission.

For example, for those in transition or looking for contacts, then please include types of companies that you are looking to find an introduction.  The more specific, the better chance that people will make a connection within their network that may help.

Finally, feel free to add attachments. In particular, for those in transition, then please attach your resume so the community can see your experience.


For reference, the final piece is to prevent bots from making submissions and cluttering the web site.

Hopefully, this clarifies any confusion on how to leverage the NEAG site to satisfy your objectives. For new members, all are welcome, provided that are willing to aid and assist others in the community. If there are any questions, then please give us a call or ask in the comments.



Ted Pizzo on linkedin
Ted Pizzo
Managing Executive at Lockton
Ted Pizzo founded NEAG in 2004 to help collaboration among regional executives. Since NEAG was created, the group has blossomed to over 1,000 members and continues to grow its membership and regional footprint. Ted also works at Lockton Companies as Managing Executive where he remains committed to listening to others in order to help them achieve their stated objectives. Ted enjoys the outdoors, particularly hiking with his dog and running.

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I am interested in joining this group. I am in transition and am looking to network and find my next opportunity. I am a mechanical designer/drafter with most of my experience in the aerospace and defense industries. If there is any other information I can provide, please let me know.


Hi Chris, please make a submission via the contact form to receive some more information and be added to the distribution list, which will inform you of upcoming events.


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