Interested in Joining the NGP?

The Northeast Growth Partners (NGP) is designed to enhance our B2B referral efforts.

Put another way, we trying to be more purposeful in our efforts to tap into the infinite potential that exists to support each other’s growth, whenever and wherever possible.

The Northeast Growth Partnership will consist of business owners, practice leaders and senior business development professionals. In order to put real skin in the game and get many shoulders pushing the wheel forward the NGP will have annual dues of $250. Includes monthly cross referral calls, quarterly meetings and digital sales growth strategies.

If you are interested in joining or simply learning more about NGP email Ted or submit the form below. There will be an informative call on September 10th at 7:00 am EST (800-775-8139 Passcode 6784008).

Ted Pizzo on linkedin
Ted Pizzo
Managing Executive at Lockton
Ted Pizzo founded NEAG in 2004 to help collaboration among regional executives. Since NEAG was created, the group has blossomed to over 1,000 members and continues to grow its membership and regional footprint. Ted also works at Lockton Companies as Managing Executive where he remains committed to listening to others in order to help them achieve their stated objectives. Ted enjoys the outdoors, particularly hiking with his dog and running.

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