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The Northeast Advisory Group (or as we refer to the community – NEAG) formed like so many great ideas. Yes, we formed NEAG after a couple of cocktails on the back of a napkin!

NEAG formed in 2004 and now includes over 1,000 members to focus on connections. Now, we are excited to introduce the NEAG website to promote our mission and members. Along with updates on the NEAG events, the site enables members to showcase their skills and interest.

Why is this important? Business (and life) is about people.

Successful executives build lasting relationships that develop over time. This is the premise that enabled the NEAG community to grow from a handful of friends to 1,000+ members strong. NEAG provides an opportunity to expand those relationships and connect talented members with opportunities.

We accomplish these connections through a variety of functions. There is a bi-weekly call to join the conversation and get involved. There is the NEAG Dinner to meet and catch-up with the group over a nice family-style dinner (typically held at Francesco’s in Hartford).


Additionally, NEAG groups focus on specific industries and sectors. The groups and sub-groups encourage open discussion about unique business needs. Looking for some help (like warm introductions and B2B referrals), then get involved in one of the groups.

Importantly, the NEAG is a community and provides help to those in transition. The focus is on employers and employees. There are employment opportunities so local companies can find local talent. Yes, the NEAG site provides job postings and member resumes! Both parties can match talent with opportunity.

The NEAG community is great. We want the site to represent the offline community and take advantage of technology. The site can make the community stronger. If you cannot attend the calls and dinners, then the site provides an outlet to “check in” and continue to participate.

Also, the site will let individuals demonstrate their knowledge and expertise. Through the NEAG blog, members can write guest posts to the community. Looking for a sales executive role? Then blog about common mistakes to prove your worth!

Finally, thanks.

Thank you for your participation and commitment to each other. NEAG was only able to blossom due to all of us. We want to continue that involvement as we strive for our goals.


Ted Pizzo on linkedin
Ted Pizzo
Managing Executive at Lockton
Ted Pizzo founded NEAG in 2004 to help collaboration among regional executives. Since NEAG was created, the group has blossomed to over 1,000 members and continues to grow its membership and regional footprint. Ted also works at Lockton Companies as Managing Executive where he remains committed to listening to others in order to help them achieve their stated objectives. Ted enjoys the outdoors, particularly hiking with his dog and running.

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