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Dear NEAG,

Thanks for updating me on the group, as I mentioned, I am a Director of IT with a degree in Computer Science and over 25 years in the field. The last 8 years have been in management roles. I have background in Insurance, Telecommunications and Health fields, although I am a quick study and enjoy learning about the business and how technology can be used to move it forward. I feel my unique quality is being able to talk with both developers and business management gaining the trust of both due to clear and open communications.

My position at WebMD, which was eliminated last month along with others during a reorganization, involved coordinating multiple development projects and providing status to the various stakeholders up and across the organization, as well as resource allocation, budget justification, etc.

Prior to that I was managing all aspects of IT at a division of WebMD located in Avon (now closed).

Attached is my resume and networking profile for your review, please feel free to share my contact info with others. Thank you for you assistance.


Ray Mancarella

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