Experienced IT Analyst and Developer Exploring New Opportunities

Dear NEAG,

I am an Information Technology EDI Analyst and Developer. I have over twenty years of IT/EC/EDI consulting experience. Recent projects have involved utilizing analysis and management skills to complete projects on time and within budget.

My early years were experienced in a NYC manufacturing environment which have rolled off my resume; Eagle Electric, Automatic Connector… companies that used what was at that time the latest software: MAPICS, BPICS using Production Control and Costing. 

At Viva International Group I Deployed RF/Radio Frequency System in the Warehouse to support WMS/Warehouse Management System; I also Identified, purchased and directed the installation. 

At Adrienne Vittadini Enterprise as MIS Manager, I developed a system to integrate their Product Inventory to the UPC Bar-Code catalogs. This project required understanding the product attributes and filtering those products to be loaded via collaboration with various departments and stake holders.
I am an effective communicator able to simplify technical concepts.

I have a proven track record for completing projects on time and within budget.
I am exploring opportunities over a number of industries where my skills could best be utilized. 

I look forward to hearing from you.

Stanley McGregory

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