Seeking Entry Level Accounting/Finance Position

Dear NEAG,

I am searching for an entry level position in the Accounting/Finance field and would like to share my resume with the executives associated with NEAG. I am an extremely hard worker and quick learner. I am looking for an opportunity to apply my experience and enthusiasm with the right company.

As indicated in my resume, I graduated with a B.S. in Business Administration with a concentration in accounting from Wagner College. I have had the opportunity to work in and learn about many areas of accounting and I believe I am well prepared for an employment opportunity in this field. I have gained a strong understanding in accounts payable, journal entries, and taxes through education and internship experience. My internships at Amphenol Corp. and HSNO Accounting provided me with valuable real life experience in the accounting world. Since graduating college I have continued to take finance and accounting classes at UConn and Manchester Community College to enrich my knowledge.

I am very interested in a finance or accounting opportunity and would enjoy speaking with you to discuss possible positions. I believe my past experiences will make me an asset to any company.

Cory Santor

Cory Santor

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