Matt Lecours Afghanistan Veteran seeks HR Generalist position

Dear NEAG,

Great talking to you earlier to you today. As we discussed, I recently got out of the Army where I served as an combat team HR captain in the 10th Mountain Division. I deployed to southeastern Afghanistan for thirteen months where I kept my commander on top of all personnel issues within his battalion. After my time in the Army, I transitioned into the civilian world down in New York City. I took a Technical Operations role at Bloomberg L.P. I have loved my time here but I am looking to get back into the HR world. 

I have applied to positions as a consultant and another as a Human Resources Coordinator at Boston Consulting Group. I have also applied to a “Veteran Career Accelerator Program” at Workday. I am certainly open to other ideas, any guidance or contacts you can offer me would be greatly appreciated. 



Matt Lecours

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