James Riehl – “SPOT ON” Marketer Looking for New Position

Dear NEAG,

First of all, thanks for everything you do to connect people! It is truly labor of love!

After originally joining NEAG last summer, I am on the hunt for the next great opportunity!

My value proposition is described below, and I’ve attached my CV for your reference. 

I am looking for small to mid-market B2C or B2B companies (up to $50 million in revenues and 250 employees) that need “SPOT ON” marketing help, specifically in the areas of:

— Strategy,
— Planning,
— Operations, and / or
— Tactics

Serving in this capacity, I’m willing to consider consulting or full time employment, with no geographic limitations.

I would appreciate any references you or NEAG members might care to offer, specifically:

— Companies as described above
— Individuals in their networks to whom they would be comfortable referring me

Thank you.



James H. Riehl, Jr.

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