Highly experienced creative professional seeking leadership opportunity in greater Hartford

Dear NEAG,

Dear NEAG,
I have been introduced to this group by Kari McLeod, a lifelong friend. I am currently in transition and seeking an opportunity to lead a team of designers and developers; helping to mentor and nurture that team to grow with a company. A role like this would help bring together core skills that I have developed, like Discovery/Strategy, UX Design, Frontend Development, and Account/Project/Team Management. 

An ideal role would be something like a UX Design Lead, User Experience Lead, or Creative Director. 

Target companies: I’m looking to stay in the greater Hartford area and am looking to go more corporate than smaller, independent companies. I’m open to exploring the right fit with any company, however. I’m in varying stages of interviews with Travelers, Prudential, Case Partners, Webster Bank and Yale for roles such as the ones I have described here.

While in transition, I am also seeking project-based work on a freelance basis. Ideal projects in that respect would be web strategy for growth-oriented companies. A good example: a company doing $500k or above in revenue yearly that is putting some money into marketing, but not seeing the ROI they had hoped for. This could be a smaller company with a DIY approach or a larger company with an in-house marketing manager that is stretched too thin and needs to bring in an outside expert to help achieve marketing goals.

Thanks so much for your time & consideration – looking forward to getting to know this community!

-Tim Roberts

Tim Roberts

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