Who’s in the Bunker?

Well that was a pretty wild roller coaster yesterday, wasn’t it? How many times did you cover your eyes but peeked through your fingers? Did you immediately go to your account balances and cringe? If you did, that’s certainly ok—and a normal reaction. It’s also perfectly normal for you to have either called your advisor or thought about taking everything out yourself.

It’s not OK if your advisor was sitting in a bunker waiting for the storm to pass, ignoring emails and phone calls. As an investor, it’s you who should be hunkering down and watching this volatility from a distance. Have confidence in the plan that you have in place. If you don’t have a plan, now is the perfect time to devise one with a trusted professional so that when these days happen—as they so often do—you’re not walking around all day with your hands over your eyes.

2008 is still a pretty fresh wound for a lot of us. It’s changed the way that we look at money and our long term goals. Yesterday’s jolt certainly brought some extra attention back to the forefront of our financial priorities. It reminded us to take a step back, breathe for a second and then focus on the road that you’re on. Market volatility is going to happen whether you’re 2 years away from retirement or 20. Being proactive instead of reactive is what keeps the wise advisors and investors ahead on days like this.

Call your advisor today and find out what they’re doing to be proactive. Call us, we’re happy to have a conversation to illustrate what we’re doing to prepare for the days to come, allowing you to feel at ease in your own bunker.

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Kari McLeod
Kari is a financial planner geared towards helping women in all stages of their life secure a financial future. She uses her experience and reputation to focus on providing the utmost attention and service to her clients based on dedication, approachability, and execution.

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