Do you know more than your financial planner?

Ever read an article, watch a how-to YouTube video or a presentation at work and think ‘Well, I knew that already?”  Do you finish reading or keep listening? Most people do. And they sit and be quiet without asking or thinking about questions and initiating a more in-depth conversation.

In most cases, you ARE going to have some prior knowledge about your finances, your goals, or suggestions your planner is already sitting across the table discussing with you. And that’s perfectly OK. No one wants to have a one-sided conversation rattling off a grocery list of items to do in order to get your financial plan in place.

Both sides of the table should be asking probing questions. Don’t be afraid to be the expert in your own financial situation. You might be really into reading blogs (like this one!) and know the plethora of financial guidance online is overwhelming, but you know that most adults should consider some form of life insurance. Say that to your advisor? Share what you’ve read and ask questions.

Did you overhear another mom talking at the parent pick-up line about how they’re trying to figure out a way to pay for camps, dance class AND the new car that they need; and felt a little relieved that you weren’t the only one? Don’t be afraid to say that to you planner. No question is too ridiculous, or vague or assuming. Something might pique the others curiosity by that question or the tidbit of information that you share—which only leads to an even more tailored plan geared directly for you.

Try asking the following questions to yourself and be prepared to share, with confidence, the answers to your planner:

  • Is it true that I can get all the quality financial advice I need online?
  • What about finances peaks my curiosity?
  • Am I stressed out about money for all the right (or wrong) reasons?
  • What are the most passionate things in my life?
  • What can I do to dedicate more efforts to my financial plan?

When you become comfortable with the answers and can discuss them freely with a trusted advisor, you already walk into that meeting knowing more than they do.

Have questions that you want to ask me? I’d love to hear from you. Contact me and the Pangaro Wealth Management team so we can chat about your ideas.

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Kari McLeod
Kari is a financial planner geared towards helping women in all stages of their life secure a financial future. She uses her experience and reputation to focus on providing the utmost attention and service to her clients based on dedication, approachability, and execution.

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