Seasoned Financial/Investment Professional Seeking Financial Advisor Opportunities

Dear NEAG:

Throughout my extensive career as an investment manager and retirement planning specialist, I have advised individual clients and couples as a financial adviser with particular expertise in retirement income planning. My portfolio management experience in combination with sales / marketing experience, strong critical thinking, and communication skills make me a perfect candidate for companies that are seeking a seasoned, successful financial adviser. My skills include:

Investment management, Retirement Income Planning: I am well-versed in a broad range of investment and annuity products and financial strategies. I developed a ‘Retirement Income Planning Process’ that I have implemented with clients which has helped them achieve their goals with particular emphasis on providing guaranteed income for life.

Researching: In order to maximize my abilities to help my clients, I keep abreast and maintain knowledge of leading-edge investment and retirement planning information. I continually research recent retirement planning options, investment products, regulations, and compliance issues.

Communication and Relationship-building: My excellent communication skills enable me to engage with clients and accurately assess their financial goals, needs, and concerns. Utilizing all of these skills I have been able to develop solutions that exceed my client’s financial goals. 

Qualified Plan Knowledge and Experience: In addition to working with individual clients, I have serviced qualified plan clients for many years. I have facilitated participant education, enrollment, and investment management activities for qualified plan clients.

I welcome the opportunity to discuss how my skills and experience can benefit your company. I can be reached at
860-508-1630 or emailed at Thank you.


Randy Bliss

Randy Bliss

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