James O’Curran – Cross-Functional Associate, Project Manager, Change Leader, & Trainer

Dear NEAG,

I am devotee of adding value and contributing to mission success wherever I serve. A Navy veteran and Wesleyan University alumnus, I thrive in small and large communities forged by valuing people, service, and continuous improvement. Those who know me recognize my curiosity and passion every day. 

My unique background illustrates I have acquired and honed a diverse set of skills that range from directly supporting sales and marketing to conducting risk management, overseeing logistics, and providing personnel feedback and counseling. My ability to adapt quickly and successfully to widely divergent domains has been instrumental in to the teams and served and led, whether those teams were pursuing business growth or operating a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier.

While I open to novel roles for contributing to an organization, an exceptional fit would likely leverage some or all of these core competencies:
• Directly supporting established teams and liaising between teams
• Leading novel or cross-functional teams or projects
• Communicating directly across vertical and horizontal structures
• Interrogating existing processes and mapping opportunities for adaptation
• Evaluating 2nd and 3rd order consequences to improve decision gates
• Developing and delivering active training programs to teams and class groups

A position within a 45 to 60 minute commuting radius of Hartford offers a great fit, though I am ready to relocate within New England for the right opportunity. My diverse history signals an enjoyment of fresh challenges, and I welcome new industries, roles, and functions. 

When life allows, I enjoy meeting new people, helping others, engaging meaningful causes, and relishing some laughter. Please feel comfortable reaching out simply to meet and chat.

I sincerely appreciate your attention and thoughtful assistance.

James O’Curran

Mobile/Text: 860.770.1001
Email:  james.ocurran@gmail.com

James O’Curran

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