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Dear NEAG,

April 7, 2016

My name is Jeff Cahoon. I began my career in public accounting and I have over twenty years of experience in the electric and natural gas industries. I was an executive for the last ten years and my role was that of an operations CFO. My organizations reported into Finance but our duties generally straddled Finance and Operations. I’m a creative and analytical thinker and I’m comfortable working in the areas that are more subjective than traditional Finance functions. My two biggest strengths are leadership and collaboration. I have leadership skills in the traditional sense of motivating teams and creating structure and in the personal sense of taking action and making progress with little or no direction. My collaborative approach comes from my commitment to group success over individual success. I am an experienced advisor and liaison, and I’m adept at reaching resolutions and solving problems.

I’m looking for an opportunity to leverage my technical abilities and my collaborative leadership. I enjoy focusing on forward-looking objectives and being an important part of a team. I am open to different industries and organizations of any size, but if I transition to a new field, I believe the larger companies and institutions will be a better match for me. I could use your help with introductions to people at the proper levels and with advice as it relates to transitioning to a new industry. I have connections at many of the target companies on my profile, but I’m always looking to meet new people. I do have one restriction; I’m looking to stay in the greater Hartford, New Haven, and Norwich areas.

Attached is a one-page networking profile and my resume. I look forward to meeting with you and building new relationships.

Jeff Cahoon


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