Human Resources Executive Seeks Permanent or Interim opportunity


Dear NEAG,

Decisive Human Resources Executive with substantial experience in manufacturing, retail, public utility, banking and non-profit. Driven professional and proven leader with strong business acumen and interpersonal skills that enable effective interaction at various levels of organizations. Experience includes driving bottom line financial results for a very profitable $300M operation.

• Strategic Development & Execution
• Project Management and Branding
• Executive & Global Compensation and Benefits
• Organizational & Process Improvement
• Staff Development
• Executive Leadership
Some Accomplishments

• Selected by CEO to turn around an international subsidiary in preparation for the sale of the business. Re-negotiated supply agreements; collected $2M in accounts receivables through letters of credit; developed successful sales incentive plan that moved $1M of obsolete inventory; reduced operating costs by $5 million.
• Selected by Chairman of private equity group to assess excessive medical benefit and temporary employee costs at other portfolio companies. Working with brokers, vendors and a C-team from each of the portfolio companies reduced temporary agency fees from 36% to 22% with a multi-year rate lock and reduced annual benefit increases to 5% from trends that were in the 20-25% range initially.
• Project lead executive for rebranding the company that included re-establishment of Core Values along with the redesign of the company Internet; Intranet; Logo; and employee commitment to understanding and embracing the changes. RFP to successful launch was under 12 months. Cost were under budget.
• Developed and launched a global on-line performance management system ensuring a direct link with the company’s Core Values, role clarity and goals at the individual, business unit and corporate levels. This provided staff with clarity, aligned staff with the company’s strategic direction and improved skills and capabilities aligned to business needs and enabled the company to more effectively identify, develop and retain talent.
• Achieved turnaround results with existing employee groups at multiple locations after union organizing attempt. 15 year track record of no further attempts to unionize even while closing the U.S. operations and out-sourcing globally. Use of Trade Adjustment Act and other resources ensured transition of employees without grievances or Labor Department complaints.
• Audited employee benefit practices and agreements. Implemented changes and renegotiated vendor agreements. Realized $3+ Million of benefit savings in first year.
• Led recruitment efforts that increased FTEs over 30% in less than two years. Introduced competencies. Standardized candidate assessment practices through the use of Behavioral Interviewing. Hired in-house contact recruiter, eliminated search firm and contingency hiring. Generated rapid hire candidate pipelines for frequently hired and hard to hire positions. Avoided $500,000+ of potential recruiter fees. 

Best regards,
Jean McCarthy

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