Urgent Need of Employment

Dear Sir:

Thank you for this opportunity to reach out for help.
My name is Carlos Nunes, I am a resident of Waterbury Connecticut. I am reaching out to you because I am in urgent need to start earning a paycheck and I believe you can help me secure a job soon. Most of my professional life I have worked in the behavioral health and educational fields.
However, In my job search, I have found that even though I speak Portuguese and Spanish, I hold a Master’s degree in Human Services, drug and alcohol recovery counseling, (DARC) from Post University and about to graduate with a PsyD degree in Psychology, the industries require licensure, that has narrowed my possibility of employment.
I hope that with the completion of my PsyD degree I can improve my chances to get employed as full-time faculty in Psychology/Human Services and acquire skills in management, coaching, and consulting.
Concerning licensure as a counselor based on my Master’s degree in substance abuse counseling, the State of Connecticut and prospective employers affirm that the Master’s degree from Post does not confer the number of credit hours to make me eligible to sit for my LPC licensing exam. Post University offers a program designed to confer additional credits to enable one to sit for the licensing exam. My problem is that I have already used too much financial aid to keep borrowing. What I am looking for is professional and personal growth. Therefore, I request your assistance to get full-time employment to reach my goals.
I am willing to relocate, with appropriate arrangements and assistance.
I have enclosed a copy of my resume. Feel free to contact me at your convenience.
I am looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you.

Carlos Nunes

Carlos Nunes

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