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Dear NEAG,

I am an IT Manager in transition with 30 years’ experience designing, building, and evolving the IT, voice, and video infrastructures of a mid-size multi-campus non-profit university. I recruited a small highly talented team with which I worked to provide tremendous value for the university’s dollar. Through a high degree of ingenuity and extreme automation, we provided all of the features, security, and high performance expected and needed of a university IT infrastructure on a fraction of the staffing and financial resources of our peers.

I have a passion for all things technology (not just IT), and consider myself a versatile general management professional with broad experience in an array of technologies, and top-flight problem-solving skills. I have a knack for explaining complex technical issues in a non-technical way that helps people to understand a technological problem or opportunity. I have the seasoning to determine whether or not a new technology or proposal is worthwhile, or just another flash-in-the-pan.

I am seeking a technology management position, such as IT Director or Manager, CIO, or CTO in a small to mid-sized (up to 1,000 employees) organization. If you know of an organization within commuting distance of Eastern Litchfield County Connecticut that needs a trustworthy technology leader to manage its IT organization and infrastructure, please feel free to share my resume and contact information with them. Thank you!

Dave Kelley

David Kelley

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