Relocation and Seeking Contacts in Footwear and Lifestyle Companies

Dear NEAG,

My extensive experience within the lifestyle/ fashion footwear industry has equipped me well to be able to bring a wealth of industry experience into a US business. I am currently living in the UK although will be moving to the USA in the summer of this year. Having taken time to consider my next step in my career I have identified that my strength is my depth of knowledge and experience within the footwear industry in a global capacity as well as leading teams to deliver strategic results. 

Below is a brief overview of my experience.

I have been fortunate to gain expertise in all of the key functions of a wholesale business, subsequently giving me a thorough understanding the KPI’s and how to manage them effectively from “concept to Delivery and maximising retail performance.

My career path has given me a unique view of the industry which adds to my strength as a sales professional where I have grown through the ranks with Adidas, Lacoste and Ben Sherman. People selection and management accompanied with a considered and realistic strategy are two of my key strengths. Energy and passion have enabled me to motivate, inspire and influence from the board to the sales front line and manufacturing base.

In my current position as MD / GM in a relatively lean but profitable business I am able to use my entrepreneurial approach to drive the business forwards. I have also been successful and am comfortable operating in a larger corporate environment amongst bigger teams such as Adidas and Pentland Brands.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my career path and in particular seeing the product plans and sales strategies come to fruition. Some of the most rewarding times have been the hardest when the odds are stacked against me having to dig deep and persevere with confidence and belief in my own judgement and ability.

When referencing my greatest accomplishments I consider my ability to adjust and learn fast to be a factor, Growing Sales , Introducing Strategies, Motivating and Inspiring Teams, Influencing and creating belief internally and externally. My natural instinct is to problem solve whilst keeping momentum, I am a very forward thinking and able to communicate well under pressure, in fact I rise to the big times, a big game player. 

I believe I can add a valuable contribution to alternative sector business and introduce new energy and thinking to most companies

The type of companies that appeal to me would have HQ’s in the New England, small , medium or large lifestyle businesses who need a fresh set of eyes and skills to drive strategy development and build larger goals and horizons for the business. These companies could be in Brown shoes, sport, leisure, lifestyle or outdoor.

I would be very grateful if anyone has contacts that they could link me with to get some meaningful conversations underway

Thank you in advance

Kind Regards

Paul Humphrey

Paul Humphrey

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