QA Expert in Life Insurance Seeks New Opportunities

Dear NEAG,


I have over 10 years experience in the Life Insurance industry. MY primary responsibilities included QA for a variety of areas – Service Centers, Claims, Processing, etc. My job was to work with the business to create audits, train others to perform them and write the results/findings. I have experience with SOX and Fraud audits – working closely with Fraud teams. I also have Project Management skills – putting together a team and working to resolve issues as requested by management. I have excellent interpersonal skills – both in person and in writing. Much of my work involves people from various departments and I am very good at building bridges to get the work done.
I am looking for the right place to use and grow my skills and abilities. I’ve been told that NEAG is a terrific place to start and I look forward to meeting others in this organization.

Thank you,
Julie Martini

Julie Martini

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