Project Manager Needed

Happy New Year friends. Once again, I am asking your help in identifying great candidates for a role within one of our Hartford-based client companies. The role is Project Manager with the following specifications:  


Consulting to define business requirements  
Evaluate specific PM needs
Develop project plans
Manage all activities and progress of each job including design, manufacturing, and inspection support
Budget oversight
Coordinate technical training and consulting activities
Manage and coordinate inspection activities
Report activities/progress to client as agreed with client
Identify business opportunities
Support contract growth initiatives
Manage client relationship
Required:  Bachelor’s Degree in  Engineering or equivalent experience 

Desired:    Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering 
Required: 3 years experience in an industrial or manufacturing setting. Project Management or related quality/manufacturing role. 
Desired:   Industry experience should include pressure equipment fabrication and/or certification or power plant
Required:   Working knowledge of B&PV compliance requirements. Strong Project Management skills. 

Desired:     Exposure to large multi-site or global projects
Required:  Demonstrated interpersonal and team skills including customer interaction by phone, support for project 
                 team tasks. Ability to prioritize tasks and schedule time with minimal supervision and direction. 
Desired:   Capable of providing technical support for sales and consulting. Demonstrated ability to anticipate and 
                resolve customer needs/concerns. Demonstrated team skills, including project management experience 
Team player, flexible, adaptable to different situations and project types. 
Listed salary range is $75-90K  

If you think you have qualified candidates, or if you have questions, please refer them to Kelly Chapman at As always, thanks for your help.
John Madigan
President & CEO
Executive Talent Services, LLC: a Career Partners International firm
836 Farmington Avenue, Suite 221B
West Hartford, CT 06119
Phone: 860-231-1857

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