New to Connecticut!

Dear NEAG,


I’m new to Connecticut (recently relocated from Minneapolis), and I’m looking to meet entrepreneurs, business professionals, and city officials, and to explore new opportunities! 

I’m from Minneapolis, but went to Business School in Denver. I’m passionate about alternative energy, green technologies, and sustainability in general. 

I’d love to find a position as a Sustainability Coordinator for either a company or a city/town, but am also open to finding clients that I can consult with to help them save green (money) by going greener (process efficiencies, infrastructure improvements, rebates and tax incentives).

I currently live with my boyfriend in Manchester (he’s the reason I’m in CT), and since he works at Pratt & Whitney in East Hartford, I would prefer to exhaust opportunities in that area before expanding my search. The towns that appeal to me most are West Hartford, Hartford proper, and Bloomfield, but I am definitely open to others as well.

One of the key reasons for networking is to familiarize myself with the companies that are out here. I am interested in energy companies such as Eversource and SunCity, in non-profits such as Energize CT, and in consulting companies like Ernst & Young. However, if permanent positions aren’t available, then I would love to meet decision-makers who would like a consultant (me!) to come in, conduct baseline assessments, and see where we can go from there.

I love seeing the autumn colors in New England, meeting new people, and exploring the area. I look forward to becoming a part of NEAG, and to meeting its members!

Thanks, and take care!

Kris Coperine

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