Networking Stand-Up on September 25

Join us on Friday, September 25th at 7:30 am when Berkins Blend Café will host the Northeast Executive Group (NEAG) who will lead a Networking Stand-Up (featuring Ted Pizzo).

What is a Stand-Up you ask? It’s an opportunity to join a bunch of really cool people who have something to share and something to ask.

Is this you? Do you hire? Do you  own a business? Are you in search of your next great career opportunity? Do you support a non-profit and you want to promote it, or an upcoming event?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then COME! You will have an opportunity, for one minute, to share what you offer then ask for what you need. A minute passes quickly-so don’t waste time describing the past or what hasn’t worked–focus forward and let the collective wisdom of the group work for you.

If you have trouble being this concise and would like some coaching, NEAG member, Dr. Stacey Zackin, would happily work with you to hone this skill. Contact her at

Bring a business card, a bio sheet, or a slip of paper and crayon. This is a judgement-free group of individuals who believe in abundance, paying it forward and giving back.

Berkins Blend Café is an Internet cafe located at 1003 Hebron Ave, Glastonbury, CT. For more information about us visit our website at or

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