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Dear NEAG,

As a recently retired U.S. Air Force veteran and energetic, experienced, hard-working professional devoted to truly making a difference, I am looking for employment in the fields of law, compliance and/or ethics. I am also interested in creating a positive impact not only within the company, but within the community as well. 

In my role as Legal Counsel for the Air Force’s Inspector General’s Office of Complaints Resolutions, I worked closely with internal and external stakeholders across multiple Air Force organizations and geographic areas to make sure all complaints or inquiries were assessed properly. I also worked closely with the Inspector General’s office to ensure that all investigators were properly trained, investigations were conducted in accordance with the training, and complaints which led to investigations were resolved in a timely manner. Additionally, as the Chief of Labor Law and Adverse Actions, I was responsible for drafting the compliance “checklists” for legal offices that fell under the purview of my organization. These checklists were based on the needs of the Air Force legal office supporting intelligence agencies and the regulatory and federal law that guided the activities. As Chief of Operations and General Law, I was legal advisor to multiple investigations and provided the initial legal assessment, making sure all files and materials related to the investigations were accurate and complete. Throughout all the above described activities, I was also an Ethics Officer responsible for ensuring that all military and civilian personnel were properly briefed and trained in accordance with the Joint Ethics Regulation (JER). These experiences helped me gain invaluable proficiencies in balancing the needs of the organizational needs with legal and compliance requirements, developing standard work and templates, adapting to changes as situations occurred, and always doing the right thing. 

I have a proven track record of providing high quality legal and ethical advice, compliance and regulatory support to clients while identifying and protecting their interests. I enjoy working in creative, collaborative settings, and know how to prioritize multiple demands and assume increasing levels of responsibility as well as identify, assess and adapt to changing situations, as needed. 

I would welcome the opportunity to apply my skills and experiences to help promote an organization’s goals and mission.

Patrice Olson

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