K = Knowing

The Coach’s Alphabet (vol. I): J = Joy
by Stacey Jill Zackin, PhD, MSW, PCC, Founder of theCoach4you

“Knowledge is power,” said Sir Francis Bacon in 1597. But, what is knowledge and what type of power does it wield in your life? Have you consciously thought about the things you “know” and where that knowledge comes from? There are things we are told, taught, and read about that we adopt as fact…and now apparently, we also must contend with the concept of alternative facts.

Sometimes we directly experience certain cause-and-effect results from which we base conclusions, and sometimes there is information that isn’t based on scientific proof, logical reason, first-hand observation—we just feel it to be true. Einstein said, “The intellect has little to do on the road to discovery,” and that knowledge and solutions come from “a leap in consciousness, call it intuition or what you will…you don’t know how or why?” Yet, when we don’t take the time to acknowledge our intuitive feelings and neglect to value our intangible perceptions, we tend to dismiss their merit and risk suppressing a priceless resource and sacrificing our power.

Plato defined knowledge as a “justified true belief.” Do you believe that your inherent wisdom is justification enough to warrant expression and action? This doesn’t mean that you should go around making bold declarations based solely on your subjective opinion without considering the impact—because with power comes responsibility. It is up to you to develop and use the power of your inner-wisdom.

  • 1st – Believe that your capacity for knowing is much deeper than your cognitive brain (and if you don’t believe…pretend, just in case you are wrong.)
  • 2nd – Think of a time or times when you listened to your intuition and when you didn’t. What were the results?
  • 3rd – Take a few moments to contemplate a situation or relationship in your life, and invite your unconscious to weigh in on what is happening, what it means to you, and what could happen next. What new attitudes or information appear?

Below is an acrostic to help you connect to your feelings, develop your instincts, and learn to trust your inner-knowing.

Keep track of your feelings. Remain conscious of your mood, responses, and attitudes.

Name your feelings. By identifying or even personifying your emotions, they evolve from something that controls you, to sources of information that you can use.

Own your feelings. If you have an idea or an instinct to act, choose consciously and take responsibility for whether you act on it or not.

Want your feelings. Even if you aren’t pleased with what you are feeling, greet such feelings as opportunities not obstacles.

Consider the possibility that sadness, depression, and even fear contribute to your knowledge about yourself and the situation you are in.

Self-knowledge is a gift and it can come through both self-reflection and via partnership with others. Please email me at Stacey@theCoach4you.com if you’d like to set up a complimentary 30-minute phone session to learn something new about coaching and maybe something old about yourself.



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Stacey Zackin
Founder, President at The Coach 4 You
Stacey Zackin (PhD, MSW, PCC) is Founder and President of theCoach4you, a Personal Coaching and Executive Training practice. She merges her background in psychology, organizational behavior, and the entertainment industry to creatively drive positive change. Partnering with individuals and organizations, Stacey creates a structure for success that shifts perspectives, increases productivity, expands possibilities, and maximizes potential. Stacey also serves as adjunct faculty at UConn and host of The Work & Playlist on WESU 88.1fm Middletown, CT. Stacey@theCoach4you.com

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