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Dear Network Friends:

Incredibly, the holidays are history, our winter has for the most part been temperate, the Broncos are Super Bowl champs, and pitchers and catchers report for spring training later this week!

I last communicated with many of you in November of 2014, shortly before I landed a successful nine-month consulting gig at a NJ consumer tissue manufacturer.

Now four months into the quest for my next great opportunity, I am pleased to pass along some observations about the current job market:

·      As the declining unemployment rate shows, employers are hiring more folks, albeit mostly individual contributors and seasonal hires.  However, salary increases have been slower to follow but may be starting to catch up.

·      Based on anecdotal evidence, it seems that recently more of my executive level networking colleagues are “landing” than a few months ago, but only if their skill set and chemistry is a tight match to the job specification. 

·      The job boards are brutally competitive, and in my estimation, worthy only of a limited investment of time by those in transition.  Recruiters can be helpful, but only if the candidate fits a current, specific and ongoing search.

·      So the best tactic would appear to be what it has always been…  networking.  Especially for those of us who are “chronologically challenged” and more reliant on strong personal relationships to close the deal. 

As I look back over my CV, 83 % of the positions or consulting engagements I have held were procured through networking.  So networking continues to be my tactic of choice, and it’s the reason why I am reaching out to you via this email.

·      First, sincere thanks to all those who have shared their time and wisdom with me in some 200 one-to-one meetings and phone conversations.  Your willingness to help has been truly inspiring!

·      Second, my status remains that of a “free agent.” I am still on the lookout for “marketing challenged” companies which need “SPOT ON” marketing help.  I define “SPOT ON” as Strategy and aligned Planning, Operations, and Tactics. 

·      Target companies are “marketing challenged”, $ 50 to $ 250 million in annual revenue who need help identifying their competitive advantage and developing a go-to-marketStrategy and aligned Planning, Operations and Tactics.    

Attached please find the latest edition of my resume and networking profile.  Please feel free to forward them on to others as appropriate, and reach out to me with any references or ideas!  

Best wishes for a successful 2016,


 James H. Riehl, Jr.

Growth Through “Spot On” Strategic Marketing

53 Brooks Road

New Canaan, CT     06840

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