Consultant Needed to Aid in Insights & Innovation

Dear NEAG,

I have a new consulting assignment which involves helping a long-term client launch an Insights & Innovation Center of Excellence. As part of this initiative, I am helping them identify talent. Perhaps there may be interest on the part of some NEAG members or they can pay it forward to friends or colleagues. Here’s the scoop:

I’m working to identify “rising stars” who may be interested in new opportunities at their CPG headquarters in Ohio/Pennsylvania region. Criteria as follows:

VP Insights; Director Insights; Director Shopper Insights; Director Marketing Analytics; Director Portfolio & Trends

· 15+ years experience (VP); 10+ years experience (Director)

· Technical expertise

· Ability to adopt new technologies & approaches such as neuroscience, data analytics & mining

· Strong consulting skills

· Ideal to have worked in CPG, but not required

· Needs to understand brand marketing, positioning, etc.

· Demonstrated experience working across an enterprise … not just functionally-driven

· Experience, better than academics

· Built a dominant insights-driven capability (VP); key partner to marketing & innovation

· Confident leader with people management experience (VP)

· Experience working with senior executives; tenacity to champion insights, even when it is not what constituents want to hear

Director Innovation Commercialization


· 10-15+ years experience (marketing/GM/Brand/must have innovation experience)

· Time with large CPG (understand major corporation innovation processes)

· Time outside CPG a plus (entrepreneurial start-up; non-CPG; innovation firm; consulting)

· Time in an innovation function

· Launched new products to market

Traits & Skills

· Strategic: Can link innovation to business & brand strategy; critical thinker; knows when to use research to guide decisions; good consumer gut

· Creative: Balances strategy & discipline with creativity & entrepreneurial approach; intuitive; doesn’t think in constraints; questions the status-quo

· Entrepreneurial: Driven; makes things happen; problem-solver; hands-on, flexible, comfortable with ambiguity and intelligent risk-taking

· GM Mindset: Takes ownership; thinks holistically about opportunities; business acumen; can drive product through commercialization to launch

· Team Leader: Tenacity to chart and lead cross-functional teams on multi-year initiatives that are typically fraught with frustration, failure and set-backs; confident; motivator

· Passionate: Truly excited by innovation; champion of ideas

· Influence/Persuasion: Can get buy in from others within the organization on new ideas/approaches

My role is to “discover” the talent, people I personally know and those highly recommended by individuals I trust. I won’t be contacting these people or using your name. I’m just putting together a portfolio of the best candidates for my client, who will in turn contact those they are most interested in.

I would appreciate anyone you can recommend and a line or two on why. Don’t confine yourself to people you think will relocate, because I have often been surprised. Of course, let me know if you are interested.

If you would like, I’m happy to discuss further details at your convenience. Let me know the best time to reach you and contact information. 

Hoping this could be a win-win for all of us.

Alysia Benninghoff

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