Business/Client Engagement Professional with 360 Degree Perspective

Hi, NEAG. 

Hope all is well.

I thought I’d send you a quick update on my career search, along with a high level summary of my experiences so you would have a fresh feel for where I’ve come from, and where I’d like to head next.

First, while my networking has been, and remains, very active, I have yet to intersect an appropriate need as it presents itself. The high level of activity and the quality of my networking contacts keep me very confident that the right new career opportunity is right around the corner, possibly with your help.

I have been very fortunate in my career to have had the opportunity to work in or lead/manage every major carrier discipline (both commercial and personal lines) with the exceptions of Actuarial and IT, both of which I have worked very closely with along the way. As a result I have the ability to “see the whole playing field,” a systemic view of the business with an ability to work collaboratively and effectively across functional boundaries.

In addition to the above, one of my three primary responsibilities with my previous employer was that of President of their in-house brokerage, a $25,000,000 agency. This role provided me with first-hand experience with the entire producer/sales continuum, carrier relations, E&O exposure management, and so on. And, in addition to that, I have meaningful personal experience in commissioned sales, something that is impossible to fully appreciate unless you’ve actually had to prospect, nurture, negotiate, close sales and earn referrals to have an income.

Combine these three categories of experience … cross-discipline carrier leadership, agency management and commissioned sales … and what you have is a unique “360 degree” perspective not often found in one candidate. 

Areas of professional strength are leadership, motivation, communication, staff development, cross-functional collaboration, a will to win and very high ethical standards. My main target areas for my next career opportunity are Business Development/Client Engagement, General Management and Underwriting. I am actively networking with carriers, large(r) brokerages and vendors providing services to the P&C industry. 

Needless to say, if you think of anyone who may be interested in seeing my credentials, feel free to pass along.

Take care.


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