Business Entrepreneur Provides Transferable Skills to Help People Achieve Success and Balance.

Dear NEAG,

Hi NEAG Members and Friends! ~
I would appreciate any and all help with my job search.
Thank you in advance.


I’m an experienced Holistic Provider/Teacher. My life experience allows me to identify with various people who have health/financial/lifestyle needs and expectations.
I’m a business entrepreneur, (10+ years) – People feel comfortable with me and have confidence in my ability to work with them.
Several individuals have put their trust in me with successful results.
I’m open to any industry where my skills are transferable.


Connections in the holistic, health, insurance, financial, and personal injury industries.
Connections/decision makers at Barnum Financial Group., where I’ve passed the first interview, and entering the second phase.
Medium to Large sized companies who can use my business, teaching, and mentoring skills.

Jenna Clarke

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