5 Steps to Make an Impactful Introduction

Michael Salit

Dear NEAG,

Nice to connect with many friends old & new at the NEAG Dinner in Hartford last week.

Following my remarks, many people approached me later in the evening about the 5 step framework I presented.

As a convenience for those who are interested, here are the 5 steps to make an impactful pitch when meeting new people.

1) Who you are (YOUR NAME)

2) What you do  (I.e. Doctor, lawyer, Indian Chief),  be specific…(i.e. Pediatric Ophthalmologist,  Intellectual Property attorney specializing in trade marks, etc.)

3) What makes you different ( from everyone else who has similar credentials and says they do what you do…

why should they talk to – pick you?)

4) What are you going to do for the person / organization you’re speaking to (have a generic answer at the ready for people you have no knowledge of and a specific response for people / organizations you’ve had an opportunity to prepare for)

5) Call to action ( state what you will do next…your specific follow up… phone call, e-mail, text message, hand written note.  Again, be specific!)

For anyone who’d like to discuss this topic further (NO CHARGE)…

Please schedule a phone call by sending me an e-mail.


Michael Salit


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Michael Salit
Customer focused entrepreneurial sales executive who leverages consultative selling and relationship building skills with operations / finance experience to secure new business, retain accounts and generate organic growth. Highly successful in implementing resourceful sales and marketing initiatives that create profitable revenue streams, establish strategic business alliances and resolve complex challenges. A trusted team player, skilled in collaborating with diverse internal and external resources to ensure deliverables exceed expectations, resulting in enhanced customer loyalty, repeat business and referrals.

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