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Business associates shaking hands in office

Jumpstart Your Non-Profit Objectives with Google Ad Grants

Looking to jumpstart your non-profit objectives and performance? Try Google. Google provides advertising grants to eligible non-profits for general AdWords usage. The Google Grants program offers eligible 501(3)(c) organizations up to $10,000 per month in free advertising on the Google…


Can Technology Improve My Job Or Talent Search?

NEAG connects talent to opportunity in the workplace. Traditionally, NEAG operates through good, solid networking by meeting others and telling your story. Honestly, this is still the best way to find the right fit because people hire people. As more…

Business associates shaking hands in office

How to Leverage LinkedIn for Your Needs

LinkedIn is a powerful network that provides tools to enable each individual to succeed. As LinkedIn gains exposure and prominence in the professional landscape, then it is important to understand how to use the network to meet your needs. Many…