Seeking Opportunities in Contracts or Trade Compliance


My name is Jessica Marchie. I am seeking opportunities in either Contracts or Trade Compliance. I enjoy working in a fast paced environment where I am faced with new challenges daily and acclimate quickly to new settings. I have supported various functional organizations such as Engineering, Finance, Operations, Program Office and Supply Chain.

I have almost 5 years experience working at UTC supporting Hamilton Sundstrand (now UTAS) and Pratt & Whitney. I have learned how to read and understand blueprints, specifications, and other technical data, in order to classify the documents and to ensure that ITC protocols were followed. I have experience marking documents and recordkeeping the exports. I engaged verbally and virtually daily to complete tasks at UTAS and P&W.

I look forward to meeting folks who have opportunities I may be a good fit for.

Best Regards,

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