Security Professional Seeking Entry Level Position within Healthcare, Insurance or Finance

Dear NEAG,

Throughout my career within the Security industry, I have maintained the highest performance standards within a challenging and diverse range of managerial functions. As Account Manager for G4S Secure Solutions I streamlined operations by transitioning all paper documentation into digital documentation. I also wrote and edited my own post orders for training purposes to help create a more productive way of training new Security Officers. During my present position at Allied Barton as their Second Shift Security Supervisor at Three Rivers Community College located in Norwich CT, I have pushed and succeeded in getting the exterior doors locked at an earlier hour to better safeguard the students and professors within the college. I have also tried to find funding to equip all Security Officers and Management with bullet proof and stab proof vests to better safeguard their wellbeing while in the workplace. 

As for my education, I have always strived to better myself and become more knowledgeable within the Digital Forensic and Information Security field. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice from Post University, a Master’s Degree in Digital Forensic Management from Champlain College. Also starting October 12, 2015 I will be pursuing an online Doctorate in Computer and Information Security from North Central University located in Scottsdale Arizona. 

I am currently looking to find an entry level job within a top insurance, financial or healthcare company. Once there I would like to be promoted within the company working in their Information Security or Digital Forensic department. 

Justin Howard

Justin Howard
(802) 342-1555

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